Property Tax 101

Iowa’s Property Tax System

… what you need to know.

As a result of feedback following recent TACI Town Halls regarding school and municipal financing, and SF634 (an effort to “limit” property tax increases), the Association was encouraged to create a program that focuses, step by step, on the complete property tax.

“PT101” is under construction! Join community experts who provide the educational content…

  • The property tax cycle
  • Assessment of property value
    • Mass vs single property appraisals
    • Cost, sales, income & market trend methods
  • The “Rollback”
    • Limits statewide growth in taxable value to
      • 3% per year for residential property
      • 3% per year for agricultural property
      • Residential & agricultural are “tied”
        • If one is < 3%, the other is as well
      • Commercial & industrial, both 90%
    • Assessed Value x Rollback % = Taxable Value

Session #2

Under development – check back