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Are property tax increases inevitable?

So, will Iowa’s local, county, and state governments cut spending or raise taxes (especially property taxes)?   Tax revenues will plummet for 2020 and 2021 as TEF Iowa reported May 8.   The good thing is Iowa’s government spending is pretty conservative and a rainy day fund for state level expenditures has been built for unexpected situations like the impact from the Wuhan flu virus – unfortunately, a rainy day fund at the state level will only help out for a period of time – the money is quickly used when tax revenues lag and you either need to cut spending or increase taxes!

My guess is tax increases – you NEVER see any level of government or public school districts drastically CUT spending – it’s easier to raise taxes and you usually cannot find WHO is actually responsible for the tax increase – you always get some mumbo jumbo that it was some other agency, “the law requires the increase”, or they had no control over the increase – your taxes still go UP even through your family income may have taken a tremendous hit – obviously NOT an elected officials problem (some elected officials are GREAT at running departments efficiently at minimal cost but there aren’t many folks like that!) – cost of government, government pensions, and public education NEEDS to go UP!

Watch your property tax bills and property assessment values closely as well as any proposals by state/county/local taxing authorities for tax or fee increases!

Phil Patterson