Town Hall #29 – October 27, 2021

FOCUS: School Board Elections

adult games vs. student outcomes

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This year a record number of seats are up for election. It appears that in a number of the races, the dialog centers on adult games and not improving student outcomes.

The thesis of “Student Outcomes Focused Governance” is that all too often school boards get focused on bricks and mortar, funding, and administrative challenges and loose focus on their reason for being – the education of the students.  The “attention is given to the inputs and not the output”, and in previous Town Halls, A.J. Crabill has noted: “student outcomes don’t change until adult behaviors change.”

The discussion

on the fundamental questions that should be asked of candidates and look at some of the more noteworthy “adult games” being played, for example in the Des Moines Public School district.

“Des Moines schools’ superintendent’s wife donated to school board candidate’s campaign” – Samantha Hernandez Des Moines Register