Town Hall #34

Funding of PK-12 Education in Iowa

the annual review & update

Wednesday 3/9, at 4:30 PM


”Iowa Republicans boost school funding by 2.5%, Democrats say it isn’t enough”

… Stephen Gruber-Miller, Des Moines Register (2/14/22)

Before jumping to the sufficiency debate, get the current funding facts first. Thanks to IASB officials, this Town Hall covers 7.5 hours of details in 50 minutes.


  • Iowa currently has 327 school districts
  • Dillion’s Rule:
    • Schools can only do what is expressly authorized in law or rule.
    • 2016: some opportunity to innovate if law doesn’t prohibit it.
  • Revenues and expenditures
  • COVID stimulus Federal Funding
  • Enrollment: 485,630 students, down 20,000 from1998 high .
  • Iowa’ school Finance formula
  • School Property taxes – types and levies
  • Student First Scholarship proposal & status of charter school expansion

Guest Panelists:

Shawn Snyder, Associate Executive Director, Government Relations & School Finance, Iowa Association of School Boards

Phil Jeneary, Government Relations Director, Iowa Association of School Boards