Town Hall #41

“Rolling Back” Property Assessments

How much and why?

Held: Wednesday November 16, 2023


At the TACI Town Hall held on September 14, Polk County Assessor Randy Ripperger reviewed the current property tax cycle and shared increases in residential (22% county wide), commercial (18%), and multi-residential property (25%) property assessments.

Jason Clayworth wrote in an Axios article following the Town Hall,  “Be smart: Larger assessments do not automatically mean that tax bills will jump by the same percentages, Art Wittmack, president of the taxpayer’s association, said in last week’s meeting. State policies intended to help limit taxpayer pain and rates set by local governments are big factors in what is ultimately owed, Wittmack noted.”

On Wednesday, November 16, Jeff Robinson of the non-partisan Legislative Services Agency (LSA), joined Randy to review the “rollback” to be applied to the assessed value to get the taxable value on which public agencies will apply a levy to determine the property tax bill.