Town Hall #6 – October 14, 2020

“Student Outcomes Focused Governance”

The thesis of “Student Outcomes Focused Governance” is that all too often school boards get focused on bricks and mortar, funding, and administrative challenges and loose focus on their reason for being – the education of the students.  The “attention is given to the inputs and not the output.”

A. J. Crabill

Guided by the idea that student outcomes don’t change until adult behaviors change and drawing on his intimate familiarity with the triumphs and terrors of America’s safety nets for children, AJ has devoted much of his adult life to advocating for the well-being of our nation’s most vulnerable youth. 

Prior to his work in education, AJ was a dot-com entrepreneur who founded and/or participated in half a dozen tech startups across multiple industries. He enjoyed both catastrophic business failure and successful business exits.  

AJ currently serves as the Conservator/Receiver for the DeSoto Independent School District and has served as the Board Chair for Kansas City Public Schools, Governance Advisor for the Council of the Great City Schools, and Deputy Commissioner of Education for the Texas Education Agency.