Town Hall #9 – November 25, 2020

Regional Cooperation (continued):

Is it possible? What opportunities exist?

Iowa ranks #3 on Kiplinger’s ranking of the “least tax-friendly states for middle-class families.” Other rankings: #1 Illinois; #2 Connecticut; #3 Iowa; #4 New Jersey; #5 New York. “Our survey also shows that the average property tax rate in the Hawkeye State is the 11th-highest in the nation.” Kiplinger E-newsletter, 11/16/2020

Is there a way through regional cooperation, to share resources and responsibilities in order to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in the public sector?

Building on the Town Hall #8 discussion:

  • What are some additional candidates for regional cooperation?
  • Is there a way to share resources regionally?
  • The necessary balance between benefit and cost?
  • Dealing with the polarity: Individual vs. Common Good.

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