Town Hall – September 23, 2020

Flipping it over...

What were the changes in property taxes collected by taxing authorities for which you were billed?

TACI Town Hall #5: Flipping it Over

Items to consider & discuss:

Bring the property tax bill you just received; we will flip it over and look at the details:

  • What were the changes in property tax collections from the past year?
  • How did “they” arrive at the number?
    • The budget process
    • Constraints in the Iowa Code & Certification of Budgets
    • Where is the public involvement?
    • Where do the candidates stand on property taxes?
  • Did the “Tax Transparency” legislation provide transparency?
  • What was the impact of the local option sales tax?
    • Did they offset property taxes?
    • Current collections?
  • Tax-exempt property –
    • Budget impact & does a “Payment In Lieu Of Taxes” (“PILOT”) make sense?
  • Do property taxes make sense?
    • Asset vs. Current Income
    • Relatively Stable
    • Other sources of funds available to cities
  • Can resources and expenses be shared?


Teresa Rotschafer, Finance/Human Resource Director, City of Johnston