Sometimes a neutral third party is the only way to get everyone re-focused on what’s best for the region as a whole.

E.J. Giovanetti
Hopkins-Huebner Law
Former Polk County Supervisor
& 20-year Mayor of Urbandale

T.A.C.I. programs and communications are designed to be informative, to stimulate thinking, and to formulate actions that will strengthen central Iowa communities.

Expectations of those participating:

To honor opposing, seemingly conflicting values in order to find a balance between them. This will be accomplished by recognizing each other’s views, but focusing on positive aspects of both, working together to find an appropriate balance.

To “Show Respect”: Listen attentively; Respect opinions of others; Keep an open mind; Give constructive comments, suggestions & feedback; Avoid personal attacks; Remember the things we have in common; Value people, the process, and the results.

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