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State Auditor Rob Sand’s “Public Innovations & Efficiencies Program”

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The Challenge…

To create vibrant, just, communities in central Iowa we need the services provided by a strong public sector. The financial resources available to support them, however, are not unlimited. A balance needs to be achieved.

Property tax bills reflecting collection increases as much as  9.4% were distributed in August.

Social Security increased 1.62%, the CPI rose 2.3% from February 2019 to February 2020, and median household income increased only 0.9% as reported by the Census Bureau.

How long is this sustainable?

The purpose of the “T.A.C.I. Town Halls” is to gather and disseminate data, to analyze and thoughtfully reflect on it, and to consider changes in the “same old, same old” way things have been done, in order to strengthen, for everyone, the quality of life in central Iowa.

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