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Focus: Horizon Science Academy

Learn about Des Moines’ new charter school

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The Challenge…

To create vibrant, safe, and just, communities in central Iowa we need the services provided by a strong public sector. The financial resources available to support them, however, are not unlimited. A balance needs to be achieved.

Since 1921 the Association has fostered effective, efficient and transparent local public sector organizations.

It does so by gathering and analyzing data, disseminating and discussing it, and by advocating on local issues that impact the daily lives of Iowans. In addition to special events, regular Association programs include annual symposiums, “TACI in the Tavern” in-person meetings, and “TACI Town Hall” meetings via Zoom. A periodic newsletter, “TACI Topics,” is also distributed.

Links to copies to recent Annual Reports and “TACI Topics” newsletters may be found below.

About the Association

Dating back to 1921!